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Welcome to rhyme_andreason!

♥ Do not claim my work as your own. That's just rude and illegal
♥ Do not hotlink, this prevents me from using my hosting site and I won't be able to share more icons with you!
♥ I do not require credit for my icons, banners, layouts or headers. But I do require credit for my brushes because they are a lot more work and time than the others. All I ask is for a small line in your userinfo linking back here.
♥ Do not ask me any questions without having read the FAQ, I will not respond if your question is answered there.
♥ I do take requests (unless otherwise stated), you can ask for them here
♥ if you become a member of this journal you'll recieve special members only icons and graphics.
♥ if you want to show off your work here also go to this post and ask for posting access.
♥♥ ♥

Note: As of 7/26/06 Layouts for Livejournal are currently unavailable unless you have a paid account. For more info ask on the request page

Resources & Sister Communities
These are communities and websites that I adore and use on a daily basis.
Colour Dreams
Fragile Decay
Paper Cuts
Celestial Legend
Fake Tragedy

if you would like to be a sister Community, go to this post and ask!

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