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Why don't you require credit?
I feel that icons and banners shouldn't require credit. I'm happy enough to know that you liked my work enough to put
in your journal. I make icons for fun, so I'm not a credit-nazi for them. Brushes however I do spend a lot of time on.
They are harder then they look, and I do require credit if you use them.
What are the member only gifts?
There are a few icons and layouts that will be members only. Consider it a thank you for joining and supporting my work.
I also put member requests before non-member requests., so members will get their request filled faster.
What are brushes?
Brushes are tools for Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.
What can I use brushes for?
you can use my brushes for non-commercial purposes. Basically, don't use them to sell things.
What program can I use your brushes in?
My brushes are only useable in Paint Shop Pro 8. I did include a imagepack for other verisons in a few of the
sets however.
How do I use the imagepack to make brushes?
icon_tutorial is the place to ask that. They have a well organized memories, you'll be able to figure it
out quickly.
Can you make me a layout like so-and-so?
I can make one similar, but I refuse to make one exactly like someone else's. That's too close to stealing for me.
Can I have posting access?
Only makers can have posting access, and you can apply to be a maker here

if you have any other questions, comment on this post and I'll try to answer them right away!
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