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Applications / Request Post

Sister Community Application
Please remember that this community does not require credit for simpler graphics before applying to be a sister community.
Journal/Community name:
Type of graphics:
Example of Graphics:
E-mail/contact info:
Why you want to be linked to rhyme_andreason:

Grahpic Maker Application
Only apply if you're willing to not require credit for icons, banners and simple layouts. Also, you must post at least once every two weeks or you'll lose posting access. If you need to take a hiatus, warn me ahead of time so I don't think you dropped off the face of the planet. Also, if I find out you're posting someone else's icons, I will report you to LJ, that's stealing and not cool.

Journal name (and icon journal if applicable):
Age (This is just to agree with LJ's TOS.):
Examples( at least 3 icons and 2 banners) of work:
E-mail/contact info:

Request Form
Here's a basic time table for requests:
an icon should take no more than 3 days
a banner should take no more than a week
a layout (depending on it's complexness) should take no more than 10 days
a full set (icon, banner, layout and userinfo banners) should take no more than two weeks.

These times are estimates, and I'll let you know if it's going to be a while. please wait for your request to be filled before requesting another thing.

Type of graphic (icon, banner, layout etc.):
Picture(s)(note: for larger graphics high quality images would be preferred.):
Preferred Font:
Notes (anything important about it you want me to know):
E-mail/Contact info:
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